virtual EVENTs 

with digital collaboration

& Real social Interactions 

...this is a game changer



Wow, really really cool


The global impact of COVID has put most large physical events, summits, conferences and network meetings on hault. Some moved into virtual formats or hybrid settings. Many organsations have tried short-term workarounds to facilitate virtual sessions with exisiting tools to engage with participants, network members or customers. However, these technologies and formats have their limitations, specifically when it comes to facilitating the most imporant incredient of successful events -  engaging collaborative sessions and social interaction.

DC Events has been built to enable just that – real social interaction with participants, customers and members in the digital space.



Head and shoulders above anything else I have seen




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Everything in one place... just great!


DC Networks is designed to engage any kind of group and network, large and small, through digital collaboration and personal exchange.

DC Events provides the technology to design and facilitate a personal experience - from the beginning to the end. It starts with at the arrival and registration at the virtual lobby.

Very attractive

All functionality in one solution:

  • Digital reception and tech help desk upon arrival

  • Digital coffee lounge to meet and great other participants in live video chats, before and after sessions

  • Network facilitation through personal profiles, invitations and network visualization and metrics

  • Live plenary sessions, breakout groups, polls and virtual collaborations tools

  • Virtual exhibition stands and meetings

  • Virtual workshops and facilitated focus groups

  • Live video streaming sessions

  • Expert chat forums

  • Resource section for all forms of event materials (video, audio, print)

  • Event announcements, push messaging and full email functionality

  • Personal meeting calendar and booking of sessions and meetings

Take your event into the digital space – on all devices. Book a virtual demo session to explore the possibilities.



Check it out and book a personal online demo here


Or contact us @


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