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Health and Wellbeing are a key element of organisational culture and performance. COVID 19 has only accentuated the importance of effective corporate health strategies. Chief Human Resouce Officers have started to address this challenge by taking a more holisitic approach to corporate health.



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In a world of social distancing, working from home and limited individual mobility, DC Health offers a new and effective solution to maintain and  improve physical and mental health. DC Health has been designed to help organisations create, communicate, deliver and embed a holisitc health strategy using digital technology.


DC Health enables organisations to:

  • Communicate their health strategy and policies
  • Provide live workshops/plenary sessions or workshops on relevant health issues (live or assynchronous)
  • Give access to all health services (digitally) with personal interaction, at scale, 24/7, whereever people are
  • Engage individuals through open events and provide relevant health knowledge, curated and delivered by experts
  • Create communities of interest, practice groups and health networks amongst employees
  • Support bottom-up health intiatives
  • Connect people to informal networking and exchange on health ideas or activities at the health bar
  • Enable employees to build their own health programme based on online expert consultations ( e.g. regarding stress or nutrition)
  • Provide live access to doctors, therapists, trainers and coaches

Contact us to book a virtual demo session and see the possibilities in boosting your health strategy in the digital space.



Check it out and book a personal online demo here


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