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The speed of transformation and the push for innovation keep growing. Teams have to step up to this challenge despite the restrictions that COVID has placed upon them. Travel, physical meetings, collaboration and effective team work have become more difficult. Many project- , innovation- and transformation-teams have to find a new way of working to accommodate social distancing and „working from home policies” without losing momentum.







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Digital Circles Projects is a unique digital environment, designed for project teams to continue their work effectively in the virtual world. From virtual Kick-off Workshop, to Onboarding of new project team members, Virtual Scrum Meetings, to small group Sprint Sessions, DC Projects provides the technology to facilitate seamless project work, while actively building team culture and cohesion. DC Projects also enables the Project Office to engage stakeholders, run planning sessions and monitor progress while communicating and aligning project activities across multiple work streams. This includes effective change management and training.


DC Projects is the digital home for all project activities -  from brainstorming to delivering the final project output - live and supported by video-based interaction. Help your teams boost social interaction, creativity, teamwork and expertise to achieve their objectives in the digital world.

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Check it out and book a personal online demo here


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