About us


We are a Swiss-German Tech Start-up based in Switzerland.

Originally launched in 2017 as a learning innovation project (by the international business advisory firm Better Business AG) Digital Circles was later spun off and set up as an independent tech company to develop and provide cloud-based platform solutions in the areas of:

Learning    Events    Health    Projects

Our clients are organisations from around the globe, all sectors and industries.

We provide organisations with their own branded digital environments to meet, work, learn and collaborate in the virtual space.

DC solutions focus on maintaining and building the human connection. Our solutions and services are developed, delivered and supported by an international multi-disciplinary team of developers, creatives, subject matter experts and consultants in close cooperation with our clients.

All solutions are scalable and flexible to cater for any size of audience and format.

Beyond technology, we support our clients in designing and delivering effective programmes, initiatives, events or projects. Clients can chose from a full  range of service options. Talk to our experts to explore the possibilities.

Our Values are: Curiosity, Compassion, Courage and Co-creation


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Or contact us @ isobel.dent@digital-circles.com


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